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Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

For Eppic, providing a quality service and sustainability go hand in hand, this is why we aim to improve our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint whenever we can.

The construction industry is responsible for an estimated three times of the amount of waste compared to all the households put together. At Eppic Building Services, we factor social and environmental impacts along with financial considerations to deliver the best design and construction balance for our clients needs.

We recognise that construction projects have an obligation to be environmentally friendly for future generations, and work towards optimal management of our environmental impact, tailored to our clients needs. We review all aspects within a upcoming project, and as well as the benefit of future generations, we also look to the current and future potential operating costs related to various aspects such as;

– Material selection
– Heating and Heat Retention
– Lighting & Day Lighting
– Water & Waste Water Management
– Ventilation & Cooling Systems
– Renewable Energy
– Low Impact Construction Process
– Electrical Installation
– Cost Considerations
– Environmental Legislation & Policies

We work with design teams to evaluate and incorporate any solutions where possible to meet Eppic’s and our clients Environmental goals and requirements, by using green technologies & materials, and implementing energy efficient systems for lighting, electrical, heating and ventilation systems.